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Why should I care if my links are indexed? Doesn’t Google crawl them anyway?

Crawling basically means that Google’s ‘spiders’ have visited that new content and they are ‘aware’ of it. This is quite different than being indexed, which is not as easy to do as noted by Matt Cutts in this video. So as this video indicates, the single key difference between being crawled and being indexed is the quality of backlinks that you have coming into that new content.

The more links You have that are indexed the better my SERPs will be?

Absolutely! This is a huge indicator to Google that your backlinks are important enough to be indexed, resulting in a much more powerful and long lasting backlink.


Hands down the best automated backlinks  you can buy! Backlinks are crucial to your overall rankings on Google and YouTube! Backlinks add the concrete so to say to boost your rankings and make sure you stay in your ranking position. Our backlinks system has been proven to even boost rankings for a tough keyword and by quite a bit. As part of our backlinking service we also create some extra backlinks to your video through social media. Yes even when we post to social media we utilize keywords in our posts. I don’t mean just keywords inside the post either i’m talking about a keyword system that works outside of the post.  Backlinks are very important to secure your rankings and to give you a boost in rankings as well. We use a number #1 rated backlinking service. Its one of the best easily and has a lot of reviews and proof behind their backlinks system. Big companies use this same backlinking service. Of course they are ranked in the number one spot for their keywords! They put their money where their mouth is! They utilize their own backlinking service to rank their website for #1 rankings on the first page of Google! This backlinks system makes your backlinks 100 times more powerful! 

Backlinks More Than Indexing…It’s Boosting

First We Ping Each Link Individually To Ensure It is Crawled. Next We Power Your URLs Up Using Our High Domain Authority Blogs, Web 2.0 Blogs, Micro Blogs, Social Bookmarking Sites, and RSS Aggregators. This is How Your Links Become 100x More Powerful.

Rated #1 In Every Competition

Many Have Tried And Failed To Beat these backlinks. Higher Indexing, Lasting Indexing, Bigger Boosting, Higher Rankings.

What is the Power Booster?

  • Lightning Fast Indexing
  • Uses Combination of Google URL Website Submission + Proprietary Method Developed by BLI
  • Requires No Proxies
  • Requires No Captchas

This truly is the ultimate backlinks system!

How can you say no after reviewing this awesome opportunity? It is a very great solution to boost rankings and make your rankings concrete solid! Don’t miss this opportunity!


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