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Tired of being at the bottom of your local Google Business listing? Are you wanting to look more professional and rank among the top 3 localĀ  Google Business listings? We will optimize your local Google Business listing in no time. We can easily help you claim a business listing and rank your local business on the Google Business maps. We specialize in making sure you get the exposure you want on the web for your local business listing. We will do a complete analysis of your Google Business listing as well as your top competitor. We will provide a detailed report on your local listing. This report will give you all the details you need to understand your rank and position on your local Google Business listing. We use the latest technology to analyze and optimize your rankings in your Google Business listing. Enjoy the benefits of having a stronger online presence and gaining more business from your newly optimized local business listing in Google. We guarantee this service to be of your satisfaction. We will work with you to get your Google Business listing exactly how you want it. However there are a few factors we would like to go over for your local business listing to rank on Google Business Maps. First your local listing must be claimed and have the correct description. Second there should be some good photos of the business listed on your local listing. Third Google reviews greatly help your ranking on Google Business listing, you should try to have a few friends and people that support your business leave a review if you have a bad review don’t ignore it, you really need to get to the bottom of the review, a lot of times you can simply offer them a discount or free product in return for changing their review. Fourth You should create at least 3 to 4 posts on your local Google Business listing. Five create backlinks for your Google Business listing this will greatly boost rankings. Six Local directory citations! We will submit your business/website information. Seven you should run an ad for your local business with a minimum of $50 dollars. Google tends to rank local business listings that have this criteria. If your not sure how to go about doing this let us help! We will gladly take care of all the necessary steps for you.


This is a premium service by Lightning Fast Rankings. We offer refunds on most our products and services. Unfortunately on this service their are no refunds. But we do guarantee you to have better rankings and a fully optimized local Google Business listing after purchase.


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