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Seo content writing can difficult if you don’t know the basics. Seo content can optimize your website for ranking in the search engines if done correctly. Hiring an seo content writer can be a task as well with so many sources out on the web in which many of them have different practices. There are factors to look for when wanting to optimize your website with premium seo content. One are you getting a good deal and is it worth the money? How experienced are the content creators? And what kind of seo content do they produce. Is it up to the seo code? On page seo and off page seo are both critical to your website ranking on Google and YouTube. Great seo content writing doesn’t have to be a 2000 word blog post.  A simple 300 word article will do just fine and rank among the other seo content easily. 500 word seo content is what most experts and Seo software say is a good minimum to rank on the search engines. We saw a YouTube video not long ago with a guy who’s views were not bad and he was ranking but there are still a lot of websites and videos out ranking his. He suggested a 2000 word seo content article. Honestly you do not need a 2000 word blog post to rank in the search engines. A 300 word article will easily rank with the best of seo content if its written correctly.

Actual Cost Of Other Companies

Industry Range
TCF Price
$2,000 per post
$750 per post
Technical SEO
$76-$200 per hour $1,000-$7,000 per project $251-$500 per monthly retainer
$175 per hour
Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis
As low as $400 for a full report to as high as $47 per keyword


Creating backlinks to your website is essential as well to boost rankings and gain page authority. If you write enough good seo content you can easily start ranking within your first month of being online. It is possible though to rank in just a couple weeks if your website is optimized right and you add some white hat seo links which can be very expensive up to $500 dollars or more per link. Guest posting gets pretty pricey as well. It can easily cost up to $6000 dollars to submit a guest post on the popular network CNN. There are other options to like a press release or web 2.0 blog site networks. A premium press release can cost up to $350 dollars. Web 2.0 blog site networks cost about $150 per 10 sites and that’s not bad. If your looking for local search traffic you can buy 40 local citations for only $75. A great way to gain an advantage over your competition is to create wikipedia links to your website which costs around $300 dollars per link. A very cheap alternative is to purchase blog comments. Blog comments are only about $35 dollars for every 10 comments. There are other alternatives as well. This is just a few of the options you can pursue. Get your Seo Content Professionally written by Lightning Fast Ranking Content Creators. We guarantee you will be happy with our professional seo content. If you are not satisfied with your purchase we offer a 100% refund on your purchase with in 30 days. 


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