Video Marketing Pro

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Enjoy a Complete Video Package! We will take care of everything! In your purchase everything is included! Video Production Included! Video Seo and research Included! Video Optimization Included! YouTube Live Event Included! Backlinks Included! Content Syndication And Distribution Included! Extra backlinks included we will blast out a message across social media about your YouTube Live Event before it starts! With this purchase you get 10 keywords to rank for! This is the ultimate package you get everything right here! We will guarantee that you will love your purchase! With our premium services and low prices plus our money back guarantee how could you go wrong? This is an exclusive offer only from Lightning Fast Rankings!

Getting In Touch

First we will get in touch right after you make a purchase to gather necessary information like access to your profiles on social media and YouTube Channel and also to discuss your purchase to see what kind of commercial you want Etc .

Video Production

Second we will create your commercial! We will use our cutting edge technology to create a customized video for your product, business, or niche. We will write the script and handle the whole process. You may use your own script if preferred. After commercial is completed we will have you review it so you can ask for revisions if necessary.

Video SEO

Third Video Seo. We will research your keywords and find the best most relevant keywords for you to easily rank for! 10 Keywords included!

Content Syndication And Distribution

Fourth  we will get all your profiles ready for content syndication and distribution in which we will connect our software to your accounts.

YouTube Live Event

Fifth we will create a live event on your YouTube Channel. The event more than likely will rank overnight!  When we have received indication your Live Event is ranking we will notify you.

Sixth after the Live Event is ranking we will optimize the live event with your video description and tags plus optimize settings.

Video Optimization

Seventh  we will optimize your video for maximum rankings and prepare to upload it to the Live Event!

Eighth before the Live Event starts we will create some extra backlinks by sending out a message across social media which we also utilize keywords for even in our social media posts. We do this 2 hours before the Live Event takes place.

Start Live Event

Nine we start the Youtube Live Event and upload your video to the live stream. Remember this event is already ranking at the time of upload!

Content Syndication And Distribution

Ten we will syndicate and distribute your content across most video media outlets. We use a couple of different softwares to do this! 


Eleven we will use our premium backlinking service for your video to boost and guarantee your extended rankings!

Extended Benefits

Twelve Enjoy the benefits of ranking on the first page of Google and YouTube! Gain new subscribers, Produce more leads, and make more sales! Get ready because the complete video package is something you can enjoy for many years to come!

Lightning Fast Rankings Money Back Guarantee


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