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Wikipedia is a big authority site on the internet. Google easily favors websites that have links on websites like this big authority site. Google ranks websites that have links on sites like wikipedia high in the search engine rankings. These links are very valuable and can boost a websites rankings tremendously. These are the best kind of premium links that link back to your website from a big authority on the web. Have you ever noticed wikipedia always ranks in the top of the results in the search engines. Getting a link on these sites is not usually heard of too often by common people. I would say most people probably think you have to be famous or a well known business to get listed on wikipedia. That being said you do have to have a legitimate website and have some trust from other sources like Google for instance. If your website has been blacklisted there is no way you could get a link to a site like wikipedia. Another known problem on the internet is negative seo. Some people can’t handle the fact that they are in a competitive market and act childish and do something like listing your website on backlisted website for instance. When a link to your website is listed on a bad website its not good. Google does not know that you didn’t do this and associates your website with a bad one. Also websites with low domain authority are not good to have your links on as well. This all can affect your rankings. A good tip is to always do some research before posting on any website unless your sure it doesn’t have a bad reputation with Google. Even link building in the wrong manner can greatly affect your rankings as well. As I have learned don’t send the same post to every social media profile you have. Instead send your post to 2 to 3 sites and then do a different post for the other sites. Creating backlinks all at once from a media platform and syndicating your post to every profile I have learned is spammy. Don’t spam all your networks with the same post. Its not recommended. From learning this I have learned to run separate campaigns. As well as come up with my own content.Which brings me back to wikipedia, its a great opportunity to create some backlinks. Google knows wikipedias domain authority and how its a trusted website. A link on wikipedia would greatly improve search presence plus establish trust with Google. Once Google knows your website link is on wikipedia Googles trust for your website will skyrocket. In return for Google trusting your website you will also receive noticeably greater rankings in just a short time from your link on wikipedia. This also will help build your domain authority as your page rank dramatically increases. The more trust you have with Google the greater domain authority you have with your website and online presence. This is a premium offer from Lightning Fast Rankings. There are no refunds on this offer after purchase. The reason being is because a link on wikipedia is not cheap and once the service is completed there are no refunds. We can not afford to pay for your website links. This is a guaranteed service. We know you will love your results and rankings from utilizing this offer. Includes One Link per purchase.



Wikipedia links are not cheap. These links cost a good deal of money. We can not afford to pay for someones Wikipedia link. These links are guaranteed to increase rankings easily after purchase and link has been created. Our professionals will handle getting your link on Wikipedia.  This is a non-refundable purchase. We guarantee you will be happy with your purchase. We also guarantee better rankings in the search engines. 


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