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Rank on YouTube. Video and Video Seo have became very big. So big in fact that it’s become the norm when it comes to going live on video. Every business really needs video and video seo to truly get the attention and purchase power only a video ranking on Google and YouTube can deliver. Video Production and Video Seo are definitely 2 basic needs of any business to really maximize profit. 2017 was a huge year for Video and Video Seo making it hit an all time record in the use of Video and Video Seo to rank on YouTube.  First you want great content in your video. If it’s great content it will really help the video maximize views and rank on YouTube. But honestly before you even create great content you need a Video Seo Plan. Why? It begins with a topic of your choosing. Research some good keyword ideas for the title of the video to rank on YouTube.  This will be your main keyword. After you have the title for your video which should be a great keyword make sure your keyword is mentioned a few or more times in the video. Next create your great content with your keywords. Name the video the title of the video. Next add your total amount of keywords that you researched and choose to the properties section of the video. Also there you will add your Title. Title and keywords are important and should be used within the video itself to rank on YouTube.  Still not sure how to get to the properties of a video to rank on YouTube? Simply right click on the video and select properties. You just learned how to optimize a video which is a critical ranking factor to rank on YouTube. Your video is now primed up and just about ready to roll. Next create a transcript of the video. You will upload the transcript to rank on YouTube. The transcript basically is a record of everything said and heard in the video. This also is a ranking factor and can easily rank your video in front of a lot bigger audience and a higher ranking on Google and YouTube. There are 2 options you can choose from. Hold a Live Event on YouTube! Or just upload the video! I prefer Live Events plus they tend to rank much faster. A lot of times a Live Event can rank the very next day! Uploading the video is quicker but at the same time it takes quite a bit more time to rank but will still rank if done properly. You’re looking at overnight rankings for a Live Event and up to 2 – 5 days for an upload. Don’t forget the video seo is not over yet. If you’re doing a YouTube Live Event do your YouTube SEO to rank on YouTube. Before you complete your Live Event make sure your description is optimized. The description should contain your keyword and a good description of what the video is about quickly. Next add your keywords to YouTube. These keywords should be the same as the ones used in the step of optimizing your video before upload. Hold your Live Event or upload your video now. After all these steps are complete upload your transcript to the video to fully rank on YouTube. You are now all set and can easily rank on the first page of Google and YouTube! Enjoy your rankings and benefits of reading this article. Video Seo is not too complicated and you can rank on YouTube. Video Seo also can easily be accomplished with just a little know how and some practice. So what are you waiting for go rank your first video today! Now you to can get the exposure you want on the internet. Grow your YouTube channel and start gaining subscribers today with this video seo article to teach you and show you how it’s done. Following this technique is easily one of the best ways to rank every time on the first page of Google and YouTube. From your video and seo experts Lightning Fast Rankings! Still not convinced you can still do it on your own? Basic Video Seo starting at $65.00 to rank on YouTube. Just check out our shop and all our products and offers. Very affordable video seo worth every penny. We have quite a few different options. I think you will love our store with products and services you won’t find anywhere else.

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